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Individual sessions

I end each treatment with an oracle reading.
Energy care does not replace a conventional medical treatment but can be a very effective complement.

Psychic Ritual_edited_edited.jpg
Psychic Ritual_edited_edited.jpg

(Energy + Sound Therapy)

Magical osmosis between energy healing and sound healing.

  This treatment is a perfect blend of deep relaxation and intense cleansing.

This is the most complete treatment I offer.

You will get all the benefits of an energy treatment and sound therapy in a single session.


I invite you to look in the "Energy Healing treatment" and "Sound Therapy treatment" articles below for more details on the process.

60 face-to-face or 50 remotely

This energy treatment lasts approximately 1 hour. I call it intensive cleansing, with multiple benefits. It acts on anxieties, fears, blockages, malaise, stress or anxiety...

It relieves and decreases pain through magnetism, stimulates the immune system, balances energies, increases the vibratory rate and releases energy imbalances on a mental, emotional and physical level. I believe that physical ailments are the words of the soul. This is how it communicates to inform you of an internal conflict. It is therefore important to cure the very root of the problem to avoid recurrences.  

Treatment steps: 

• First contact, exchange time during which I work with the pendulum to measure your vibratory rate and look for certain possible blockages

• Energy scan that will reveal the different areas to work on and their causes.

• Healing wounds and memories that prevent you from moving forward, in the different energy bodies and chakras, by reconnecting to unconditional love and your creative potential.

• Reprogramming your subconscious so as not to recreate patterns that no longer correspond to you thanks to a method that I created myself. This harmonization makes it possible to raise the vibratory level and then triggers a natural process of healing of the physical body.

• Energy recharge

• Reinforcement of your protection and cleaning by fumigation

Goals :

• Remove limiting thought patterns (judgments, fears, doubts, etc.) and transform beliefs
• Breaking the repetitions of life patterns
• Free yourself from memories of family lines, pacts, vows, past lives...
• Carry out soul recovery (following a trauma, operation, accident, etc.),
• Accompany the deceased to “pass to the other side”, the passage of the soul.

• Emotional release

You will leave with a feeling of lightness, perhaps even the feeling of being empty, but you will be recharged with good energy and love to continue on your life path.



Sound therapy is a technique that allows you to achieve deep relaxation through the vibrations of sounds from various instruments. It dissolves tensions, repairs imbalances and strengthens the immune system.
It works through what is called resonance. We know that the body is made up of 65% water and that water is a conductor. Our organs and cells vibrate. When there are blockages, tensions, diseases… the frequency of these vibrations is disturbed.

The sounds emanating from the instruments can resonate with our body to rebalance its internal structures, and harmonize body and mind. The sound massage evacuates stress and promotes inner balance. 

The tools are used in association with the meridians in order to release the physical, the mental and the energetic. The use of therapeutic tuning forks is a good alternative to acupuncture for people who cannot stand needles.
During the session you have nothing to do, except to enjoy the present moment in complete relaxation! 

Psychic Ritual_edited_edited.jpg

25 €

Are you at an impasse? 

Do you need answers to help you make decisions in a situation?

I offer card and pendulum guidance to help you make choices. My channeling gifts allow me to guide you as well as possible, always leaving you free will, because you keep your power over your destiny. These guidances are rather there to tell you how to reach your goals, to accompany you in your spiritual evolution and to face a problem. They are done on a single question per session

How does it work? 

You send me your situation and your question by message, with your name, first name and date of birth

I connect to the guides and perform a reading, remotely, and then send you a written report by message.

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Psychic Ritual_edited_edited.jpg
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I also offer other services: 

- Energy cleansing of places

- Rituals, circles and group workshops, linked to a theme and to the sabbats (ancient pagan festivals)

- Remote Healing 

- Training in Lahochi healing

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