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Having been raised by a healer, hypnotherapist, sophrologist, medium … and wonderful mother, I have always been immersed in the spiritual and divine "world". So from an early age, I was trained in magnetism, esotericism and holistic practices. My other passion being music, I am also a singer and songwriter and it is on this path that I first started. My life then took an other direction and the universe decided that one of my missions was to help people on their healing journey. It was an opportunity for me to see the world differently, and to open up to other things. I have followed several training courses in energy and sound therapy, to combine my two passions and I am constantly thirsty for more knowledge. My many travels and my rather nomad lifestyle have given me an open mind and a desire to discover the world and share all this beautiful knowledge I receive everywhere.

I now offer to accompany you in this beautiful journey of healing and awakening your soul, by healing your wounds and all that prevents you from incarnating in your highest potential. 
I work with a set of techniques acquired with the experience and teachings received, including certain tools of magnetism, family constellations, ... My clairvoyance and psychic ability also allow me to work with your family lines, past-lives karma and other entities. I believe we reincarnate many times. Our soul keeps returning to learn the lessons that we ourselves and our team of guides have chosen for us. We reincarnate to work on what hasn't been solved before. And it's no surprise we can usually find the same kind of traumas in our lineage. I mean we ch
ose them for a good reason after all :)

Of course, I adapt each treatment to the needs of the person. I love having the opportunity to be an intermediary between the people I work with and the invisible world. I like to be able to bring you to awareness and healing thanks to the common source of unconditional love, and also to unleash your own spiritual potential, by sharing exercises to redo at home. I also use Tibetan bowls, therapeutic tuning forks, lithotherapy, and certain esoteric rituals. 


• Energy healing, Martine Armand

• Energy therapist Level 1 and 2, ANGE energy care,  Fabrice Deguy


 • Sound therapist, Académie de sonothérapie and Sage Academy of Sound Energy, Philippe Garnier

• Lahochi healing, Warren Shanti



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